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COMPTON\'S BY BRITANNICA: The easy to use encyclopedia,students favourite from Aound the World

Book Code : CKC-000002
Vols, Set & Cover: : 26 Vols. (set) (Hardcover)
Language : English
Edition : 2010
ISBN 13 Digit : 9781593395223
Publisher : Encyclopedia Britannica
Page, Ills, Maps etc., : 11000 Pages
Age Group : 09 PLUS
Student Favourite from Around the World ;;Written and visually designed for students ages 10 to 17, the 2010 Compton\\'s by Britannica has been thoroughly reviewed, updated, and revised by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Packed with dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging text, Compton\\'s gives young readers the basic facts and entices advanced students to dig deeper for the answers to their more complex questions.;;Accurate and Up to Date;New and revised articles include China, India, Latin America, medicine, Native Americans, petroleum, and telecommunications.;;The Perfect Supplement for the Classroom;Keyed to National Curriculum Standards, Compton\\'s can easily be incorporated by teachers into their lesson plans and used by students to start projects and homework assignments.;;Provides Quick and Easy Access to Information;Users can find the information they need quickly with the help of Here and There, a convenient guide in the front of each volume that organizes content by subject, article, and page; the Fact Index, a mini-encyclopedia with more than 29,800 short articles; and the standard Index.;;;;;Additional Information:;Compton\\'s by Britannica is a twenty-six volume A-Z reference set for ages 10 to 17.;Extensive revisions in 2010;Articles are accessible to a wide range of readers - articles start with relatively basic information and advance in depth as they progress.;Compton\\'s contains the following unique features:;o Many articles include Fact Summaries, coded in yellow boxes, where readers can quickly obtain key information a subject. ;o A subject-area outline, called Here and There, begins each Compton\\'s volume. Here and There may serve as a study guide, specialized learning experience, or simply a key for browsing.;o Compton\\'s is a great source of ideas for projects. Exploring this Volume, which can be found in the opening pages of each volume, includes pages of interesting questions that spark student\\'s curiosity and interest. ;Awards:;o Teachers Choice Award;o Distinguished Achievement Award
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